Pre-Meld Confirmation and Declare (New Feature – 2016)

The Declare option has been updated and a pre-meld confirmation feature has been introduced to give a preview of the sets melded by the players upon placing a show.

1. Upon forming valid sets as per the game rules, you need to select the closing card and then click on “Show” icon. You will find a dialogue box as below:

2. If you are sure and would like to proceed, you may click on “OK”, post which you will get the” pre-meld confirmation” page.

3. On the Pre-Meld confirmation page, the Red line under the cards indicates that those are invalid set/ sets. (Refer the screenshot below- it indicates that 2 of the sets are invalid).


In this case, you could select the cards and group them into right sets. This action can be performed on the same page, under the “Pre-meld Confirmation” dialogue box. (Refer the screenshot below).


You may then click on “Declare” icon which would be visible on the bottom right of the page.


Alternatively, you may also click on “NO” and group your cards into valid sets and then click on “Declare” icon again.

4. The Green line under the cards indicates that the set/sets are valid. (Refer the below screenshot- it indicates that all the sets are valid ones)


5. Upon clicking “YES”, you will be redirected to the Game Results page as below.


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