Simple ways to deal with Internet Disconnections

You’ve invited your friends over for a few rounds of rummy, and you’re all having a great time. The most serious interruption you’ll probably face is when you reach out to grab a snack, or a sudden urgent phone call that just won’t wait. This is how it used to be though… Today, not just your social rummy game, but even your gaming buddies have a virtual address, and in the online world, nearly nothing is the same.

One of the number one problems you’ll come across in an online rummy game is that of frequent disconnection. You might experience trouble discarding/ picking cards up, placing a Show or at other points of the game.

The important thing to remember here is that Indigo Rummy does not control internet connectivity and fluctuations. You must check this with your Internet Service Provider first, and then verify the problem on other devices. Very often changing the device solves this problem.

Another great tip is not to use other software simultaneously or run programs in the background while you’re enjoying a game. These tend to lower internet speed and bandwidth leading to a poor gaming experience.

If you’ve eliminated all of the above solutions, you could try reinstallation of the flash player. Merely updating your existing player may not help. For best results, completely uninstall your existing one and follow the set of simple instructions described below:

  • Go to Programs and Features under Settings and uninstall the Adobe Flash Player
  • Next, search for any remaining files in My Computer and delete them too. Use the Shift + Delete combination or delete it permanently from the Recycle Bin.
  • Next, open your internet browser and use Google to search for the latest Adobe Flash Player
  • The authentic Adobe website will show high up in the search results. Head over to it and enter the configuration details of your PC or use the auto detect tool for the suitable software to show up.
  • Now download the Adobe Flash Player software compatible to your PC. Please be careful of malicious software that could get downloaded in tandem, by unchecking the other options while clicking on the download button.
  • Once the software is downloaded, please install the player by following the prompts provided; and finally, restart your PC.

Note: The above solutions are based on our troubleshooting experiences, and the management is not responsible if you continue to face disconnections after implementing them.

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