Smart Correction (New Feature – 2016)

This feature is introduced to help players place a valid show in case they have the right sets of cards but have melded them incorrectly.

Upon forming valid sets as per the game rules, and clicking on “Show” icon, pre-meld confirmation page appears. (Refer screenshot below)

In case you have the right sets of cards but not melded them correctly, the incorrect set/sets would be highlighted with a red coloured line on the pre-meld confirmation page. (Refer screenshot below)


In this case, you have the option to correct it by grouping them into right sets. But if, you fail to do so and click on “Yes”, then “Smart Correction” comes into place.

Upon clicking on “Yes” without correcting the sets, you would be directed to the “Smart Correction” page. This would meld your cards into right sets. You may then click on “Use Smart Correction” icon on the bottom left to confirm your “Show” action. (Refer screenshot below)


After clicking on “User Smart Correction” icon, you will be directed to the game result page.

When any player makes use of Smart Correction, the same would be displayed on the game result page with an icon under the “Result” column against the player’s username. (Refer screenshot below)


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